How Radionics Works

Radionics Machine instrument device Radionics is a method of self-improvement that uses devices to interact with subtle energy patterns. The field of action of Radionics is very broad: therapies, personal development, achievement of goals and objectives, impact on the environment, improving foods, sports, business and income, relationships and etc. When using these devices properly, we can enhance, amplify and emit thoughts and ideas so that the circumstances lead us to realize, desires and goals of all kinds more easily.Radionic instruments can detect, measure and broadcast information. This way they can correct imbalances or enhance aspects that need improving, amplifying or materializing.

Used correctly, radionic devices allow us to configure and change our reality to the limit. Radionic devices are designed with the objective of providing connection between human consciousness and the subtle energies present in any object, living being, thought or form. Everything that exists, or everything we can conceive of can be represented by a number, a coordinate or a representation of some kind. Radionic devices usually work with numbers, words or phrases through potentiometers on the devices themselves or even drawings to which are assigned a specific meaning.

Radionics devices are designed with the objective of providing connection between human consciousness and the subtle energies present in any object, living being, thought or form.

If we talk about health issues, a person can use a radionic device to detect diseases at a pre-psysical level of itself or another individual. These diseases may already be present at physical level or even in process of formation but still are not manifested at physical level. You can measure the vitality of a particular organ, a set of organs or an entire organism. A therapist can be accessed remotely, using a sample of the person, to perform a diagnosis of them, depending on the type of radionic device the therapist has. But radionics is much more than that. It amplifies up to extraordinary limits the power of intention and the results of visualizations and objectives. Increases amazingly the possibilities of materializing desires of all kinds formulated in the mind of the operator and through his radionic device. Depending on the type of device used you can accelerate to a greater or lesser extent and to obtain what is sought; either internal development, improving skills, vibrational treatments for diseases, solving personal problems, business and economic objectives etc. It can also work with animals, plants or insects. So you can improve yields crops, eliminate pests, help animals to heal or even work with microorganisms. You also can balance: people, animal, food or crops.

Radionics Machine instrument device Radionic devices have been described by many as “wishing machines” when they experience firsthand the benefits they offer. If we talk about the therapeutic field, radionics can, with certain devices, diagnose (at vibrational level) ailments or diseases, even when they have not yet appeared physically, as already mentioned above. I must clarify here that those who use radionics do not intend to replace traditional medical therapies and conventional medicine that a professional doctor can provide. Again: We always refer to vibrational level. You can set programs to help a person improve or treat physical or energetic diseases, balance subtle fields on human, plants, or animals. The results are often spectacular. Many people find solutions in radionics that were not found elsewhere or by other means. The Radionic machines act as a kind of psychic amplifier unconscious ability to perceive energies of the people who operate these devices. This amplifier capacity allows therapists to perform very precise diagnosis of the diseases that afflict a person without having made a prior physical examination. It can be done remotely using a sample of the person (blood, saliva, hair) or even a photograph. In this sense, it seems that radionics rely on the “universal connection or Matrix” on which many modern scientists theorize. Specifically radionic devices can amplify innate psychic healing abilities of a person. They are also capable of transmitting very specific vibrations to someone suffering an illness with an amazing effectiveness, even if the person is thousands of kilometres away or on the opposite side of the globe.

However, despite the practical evidence, to date there is no acceptable “scientific” explanation of how this phenomenon occurs. It should be noted here that the term “Bioresonance” used in alternative therapies and medical consultations are a derivation of radionic devices. They are better known and accepted simply because they don’t work remotely and the person is usually present in the consultations. The examinations and treatments are performed by holding two electrodes through which it transmits and receives vibrational information. The final concept is very similar. The vibration emitted by the person in relation with an organ or set of organs is measured and then another vibration is projected or sent with the correct information to heal properly that organ or diseased organs. We add that bioresonance devices improve conditions exponentially when used in conjunction with radionic devices that emit life energy. Something noted by many therapists.