12 Point Quad Triangle Radionics Antenna

 RADIONICS antenna Triangle Radionics Antenna

This is an extradimensional scalar radionics antenna consisting of 4 layers on each PCB plate. It has 4 triangles total, one on each layer. The first two triangles are out of phase by 180degrees as are the last two, and all of the at 90degrees.This an actual 4D representation of the Pythagorean holy Tetractis (Τετρακτύς). The 12 Point Quad Triangle Radionics Antenna has been developed mostly for manifestation purposes.

And yes i said 4D because it includes the time dilation calculations and math frequency phase blocks in Matlab simulations (For math/psychics Freaks). Finally The Tetraktys(Τετρακτύς) is defined as an eternal and infinite source of Nature, but it is also associated with both the Holy Tenth and the Pure One. The ancient secret and sacred Pythagorean mathematical knowledge has been made a reality and it works wonders.


Manifestation or Reality hacking, has been made easier as many people around the world report extraordinary results.


The 12 Point Quad Triangle Radionics Antenna box is intended to be used as an external antenna, connected to the output of any radionics machine. It features four banana plug inputs, two for feeding the signal to it and two for expanding the array of antennas to as many as you like.

It can also used as a stand-alone device as an affirmation-to-scalar transfiguration broadcaster or it could be used to broadcast your own frequencies or favorite mp3’s.This means that if you have your own frequency generator or mp3 recordings of your affirmations or Wishes you could connect it and broadcast. You can fill your space with a Scalarized output of anything you like by using our 3 Way Adaptrer! As a custom option we can embed a powerful amplifier in the antenna box that will boost the broadcast capabilities by 300% when using it as a stand-alone device.

  • For the theory behind it click here
  • 6 or 8 plates/box
  • 24 or 32 coils/box
  • 768 or 1024  elements/box
  • The best manifestation Antenna that money can buy
  • As standalone device ,with 3 Way Adaptrer or custom embedded amplifier
  • It can make your dreams come true
  • It can be used as an external and a very powerful stick pad

Price staring from 550$ +Shipping