The Protector | Radionics Protection Pendant

Radionics Protection Pendant Unparalleled protective shielding technology to limit, neutralize and eliminate, dangerous and harmful bio-energetic and psychic patterns, forms and entities. When left untended these can predispose to diseases of all types, including the more virulent forms of psychic manifestation.
“The Protector Pendant” technically constantly inverts energy information and sends it back polarized. This effect can be intensified with awareness, discipline and strength.

This is a specially engineered electronic self powered pendant, that consists of a special electronic circuity and  4 layers of Archimedean Spirals in a closed loop that are connected internally in a unique way. As a result you have a 24/7 protective and energizing shield.

The Protector pendant has been developed over a long period through intensive radionic, dowsing testing on individuals.

The “Protector” has consistently proven to neutralize the ill effect from negative radiation of a multiple of cellular phones, portable phones, battery and electric power tools, all turned on and held by testing subjects, all at the same time, without loss of energy. This unique electronic circuity acts to protect the person from negative influences on all levels, including psychic attack, accidents, losses, miasms and misfortune. The Protector has no battery and is self powered. It has gone through several energizing procedures.


Our unique technology provide a resource in dealing with environmental and psychic stresses which act as/to:

  • immune suppressant
  • seed for cancer
  • age accelerator
  • cause of tension and anxiety
  • diminish mental and physical performance


Those who carry this device have noticed the following benefits:

  •  Peace, calmness and tranquility
  •  More energy, motivation and passion
  •  Immunity to the disturbances of others
  •  Protection against miasms (predisposition to disease and misfortune)
  •  Better sleep
  •  Enhanced Immune System
  •  Improved biological functions such as digestion, eyesight, hearing, libido, mobility
  •  Improved memory, mental clarity and ability to acquire new knowledge
  •  Localised healings when the device is placed over areas or Chakras
  •  Increase in spontaneous psi phenomena and abilities
  •  Linking to others also carrying the device to give rise to the formation of a global energetic network for World harmony


The “Protector Pendant”  has the following characteristics:

  •  enhances, strengthens and stabilizes the auric field
  •  effectively protects you from electromagnetic radiation
  •  effectively protects you from psychic pollution signals which ride upon electromagnetic radiation and use them as a carrier. These psychic signals extend to much higher frequencies and can be filtered and blocked only by tachionic devices.
  •  activates the natural self-healing capacity
  •  supports general well-being and focus
  • It transforms the dystopic environment, around the wearer, that is loaded with negative energies, into a pro-life, healthy and harmonious environment.
  • The “Protector Pendant” creates in your aura, a very strong grid of energy, leaving hungry every parasitic energy vampire who hopes to feed, whether human or otherworldly.
  • It contributes to health from diseases [mental and physical]
  • Converts the deadly effect of any electromagnetic radiation … and HAARP (High frequency Active Auroral Research Project)
  • Clears thoughts almost universally, as if meditating.
  • You can Interpret omens and signs correctly.
  • Wearing it intensifies the sense of touch, smell and hearing.
  • You can eliminate undesired thought forms and nasty inorganic beings.
  • Heal and strengthen a point in your body or help someone else by placing it where the problem is.
  • Place “The Protector Pendant” on a sore spot or in the solar plexus and experience the change. Sometimes, the pain gets worse before it passes. By placing it in your solar plexus you automatically relax. Follow your instinct and experiment as much as you want.

wear it at the height of the thymus gland

size: 60mm

Price: 120usd +Shipping