Amplifiers and Tuning

Amplifiers, Pre-amplifiers, Balancing and Manifestation in Radionics Instruments


After long time of experimenting,dowsing, measuring and building more RF preamps that we can count, we have concluded that the BEST rf range for resistance or air capacitor based equipment is 5Mhz-8Mhz, meaning the whole major tuning must be done within that range! Of course the whole RF spectrum works(sometimes), but when it comes to results, speed and impact are what matters the most, either for manifestation(reality hacking) or balancing.

A photo of the first test-bed we build, which is a wide-band amp tunable at any desired range(1800k-180mhz max)! with 180degrees phase shift etc. So when we had found the desirable range, we designed and built a small-sized RF(signal) voltage amplifier at the 5-8Mhz range so it could fit in a box!


We have designed and implemented two different amplifiers that are purely made for radionics. They feature 60+db gain which means the faintest subtle emission is multiplied by x1000 times
12v power input, and 0-180degrees pure signal output inversion at will. A lot of work and experimentation allowed us to create this miracle.

Those two amplifier versions are for balancing-energy healing, and reality hacking. They work at the predetermined range of 5-8Mhz but have a specific configuration on its output creating a number of free electrons that carry the intended information, depending on the tuning that has being done by the operator and the rest of the equipment of each radionics box.

Free electrons with a specific frequency vibration go through, a custom designed and made, capacitor and diode network that allows them to move with a constant potential that obeys the quantum laws (Fermi-Dirac statistics).

According to classical theory, the free electrons in a metal, have random motions with equal probability in all directions, But according to quantum theory, the free electrons occupy different energy levels thus allowing the wave function to collapse to a deterministic result that is needed by the user of the instrument.

This unique custom amplifier system is based on the theoretical application of Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) who are generating random numbers with a high source of entropy using unique properties of quantum physics.


The balancing-energy healing, and reality hacking amplifiers have different configurations according to their usage.


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