Radionics Library

Welcome to our Radionics Library. Here you can find condensed information about radionics theories ideas etc.All are pdf documents from books or posts around the net that had being qualified as useful information.

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  1. Abbe Mermet – Principles and Practice of Radiesthesia – A Textbook for Practitioners and Students (1959)
  3. Agesta codes
  4. An Introduction to Medical Radiesthesia Radionics by Vernon D. Wethered
  5. Analgesic effect of the electromagnetic resonant frequencies derived from the NMR spectrum of morphine
  6. Anyone Can Dowse for Better Health
  7. B Bhattacharya Obituary and Life details
  8. Brother Moloch – Radionic Primer
  10. Chakras_ Rays and Radionics – David V. Tansley
  11. Christopher Hills Rays From the Capstone
  12. Combe Rates 44 10 336 excel file
  13. David Tansley-Dimensions of Radionics
  14. Dowsing radionics water witching and related practices by Ben G. Hester
  15. Dr. Esther Del Río – Liquid Crystal Water H2O)37 v2.1
  16. Drown Radio-Vision and Homo-Vibra Ray Instruments and Their Uses. Radionic Rate Boo by Ruth V. Drown
  17. Electron Spin Inversion
  18. Esoteric-Harmonics
  19. Gem_Elixirs_and_Vibrational_Healing
  20. Grabovoi number rates
  21. Gregg Braden – The God Code – The Secret of our Past, the Promise of our Future
  22. growing-in-complete-darkness
  23. Hieronymus Cosmiculture Manual
  24. Hieronymus Eloptic Directory (Full)
  25. Hieronymus Revised RateBook
  26. Instant Radionics Part 2
  27. Journal-of-Borderland-Research-Vol-XLII-No-2-March-April-1986
  28. LTF_Energy_Therapies
  29. Man Of Faith-Radionational transcript by Marshall McLuhan
  30. Manual of Radionic Practice
  31. Mattioda Complete Manual
  32. MGA manual
  33. Microwave Radionics Brain
  34. Negative Green
  35. Negative Green by Christopher Hills – Extracted from Supersensonics
  36. ONDOMETER – Servranx Brothers(1)
  37. oranur
  38. Orgone Accumulator Handbook(OCR)
  39. phoenix-project-archives-jerry-fridenstine-conspiracy-theory
  40. Prentice Mulford – Thoughts are Things
  41. Radiestesia Il Disco Delle 36 Forze Di Felix Servranx
  42. Radionic Psychotronic Photography G. De La Warr, Ruth Drown
  43. Radionics & the Subtle Anatomy of Man
  44. Radionics Etheronics
  45. Radionics How To Manual by Mattioda
  46. Radionics in Science and Medicine
  47. Radionics Interface With the Ether Fields – David V Tansley
  48. Reflections on the Ether and some Notes on the Convergence between Homoeopathy and Radionics
  49. SULIS rates Radionics
  50. The Radionics Black Box Other Psychic Generators
  51. The EcoLaser
  52. The Function Of Orgasm (OCR)
  53. The Radionics Handbook: How to Improve Your Health with a Powerful Form of Energy Therapy
  54. Unconventional research in USSR and Russia-pdf
  55. Writlng-the-Observer-Back-Into-the-Equation-Tom-Baerden-1976
  56. Yvon Combe-MGA Rate List 212 pages
  57. _Atlantean Crystal Energy Projects