The Iapetus 10 dial radionics machine

The Iapetus radionics instrument

The Iapetus is a state of the art scientific instrument, that provides a quantum advantage in balancing overall health of the natural energy fields in the body.The Iapetus is designed to measure and balance what are known as Subtle Energies. These subtle informational fields surround all living and non living material things in nature.

This wonderful piece of engineering represents a significant advance in design, from the traditional radionics designs of a radionics machine.

Healing frequencies are delivered by quantum broadcast where there is no limitation on distance between machine and receiver. Once harmony is restored to the body energetically, then it is up to the body to use these frequency adjustments for natural healing.



10 DIAL RADIONICS MACHINE Code name: Iapetus (Ιάπετος)

1) 2χ 60mm wells

Wells made from acrylic glass which is very good at capturing and broadcasting subtle energy vibrations

2) auto timed UV & Electromagnetic clearing function

This unique feature is for completely destroying residual energies from previous broadcasts

3) 180-0 phase shift on demand

For most demanding broadcasts you can select between normal and reverse broadcasts.

This is not a pseudo-“almost there” feature like many, it’s a build in mechanism on the amplifier that has been perfectly

calculated and designed.

4) base 10-44 rate selection

Now with a unique onboard electronic rate division technology never seen before, you can select your preferred rate for analyzing and broadcast.

5) custom power filtering for lower noise

This is a dc/dc filtering device that has been developed for better, cleaner ,stronger and more accurate radionic broadcasts.

6) input and output with banana,3.5mm.

With this you have two different ways of interconnecting inputs or outputs.

7) external ground option

For connecting a pure ground cable to enhance your broadcasts.

8) oscillation generator

Custom frequency oscillation on demand, so you can further enhance your broadcasts.

9) 12/24 point extra ACTIVE antenna on the lid

This is for turbo charging after broadcasts. Extremely helpful for the use of instrument as a wishing machine !

10) 4 plate/16 coils antenna/stick pad

This is like a vast ball of fire, it’s the steroid on your machine.

11) 11 perfectly calculated and wound ,clear quartz coils for input signal filtering.



Pictures may differ slightly from the actual product depending on parts availability at the time.


weight: ~6kg

dimensions:380 x 120 x 260 mm

Price 1950$ +Shipping