DC-DC filter for radionics machines

After some time experimenting with power sources we found out that the AC ripple noise from the AC adaptor, was affecting negatively the broadcasts to some degree. We have bought and tested a lot of noise filters but there was always some significant amount of ripple noise tampering with the broadcast times tuning, accuracy etc. We have tested powering the device with batteries plus ground, and the effects where amazing. So we decided to design and build a DC/DC filter so we could emulate the clean battery power source the best we could. And so we did! The results are super good and broadcast times are significantly lower.

Ladies and gentlemen we give you the ultimate DC/DC filter specially made for Clean and Perfect Radionics Broadcasts “The Cherubim”. The Cherubim is incorporated inside our Radionic Instruments The Iapetus and The Hyperion and it’s not for sale separately.

A little theory on ac ripple noise .

As the name suggests, ripple voltages are the ones not having a constant magnitude, they are undulations on a dc waveform. It is produced when you have generated a DC waveform from an AC using a rectifier. Ripples tend to reduce the efficiency of your device and often leads to noise. They are unwanted product of an AC to DC conversion.Rippes can, however, be reduced considerably with the help of a filter circuit but never completely eliminated. (A combination of capacitor and inductor in the output circuit)

Does ripple current matter?

Yes! Too much ripple current leads to heat generated in the capacitor. When the heat generated by the ripple current exceeds the maximum allowable core temperature of the cap, damage is done. Even if heat doesn’t make the capacitor immediately fail, heat is directly related to the failure rate over time. But in our case the problem is that we need clean broadcasts. And we customized a solution for that.