Atoms electron society.

Thoughts and lessons learned.

As we are taught at school, in a atom’s space, electrons remain imprisoned, and are forced to rotate ,in a “possessed” state, around a center of power, held by a powerful atomic core that exerts on them an oppressive but dynamic charm.The rotational path of each electron is determined only by the traction forces of the nucleus that invisibly guide it.Yet electrons, ignoring the existence of these forces and lost in their ignorance, rejoice in the apparent and false freedom of their invisible prison, since they “believe” that their free will made them move in their orbits. But we as external observers know that orbit does not determine each electron but the dominant core. We still know that each electron is far from the very powerful core a different distance. The nearest electrons in the nucleus probably feel that they hold a dominant position within the atom over the others that are farther away. In this way, in the “society” of electrons of an atom, a “special social stratification” is created, with the sole criterion-qualification of  each electron, the amount of force exerted on it by the master core, and therefore how close they are. The “poor” electrons may not know that the closer they are to the center of its traction power, the more manipulated and bound they are by him. And they still don’t know that the core keeps them close to him because his energy potential is much greater than their “poor” internal energy potential. They do not know that the farther an electron is from its core, the smaller the power it exerts on it but also much “greater” its internal energy state. This gives external electrons an admirable ability to be much easier for them, by hiring and incorporating into their existence small amounts of energy from their universal environment, to completely escape the forces that imprison them, and become “Free Electrons”.In the end, then, an electron becomes “Free” only if it acquires internal energy as much as it needs to overcome the power exerted on it by the core of the force.All the precedents teach us a lot.The closer we get to the neighborhood of a power center, we mistakenly believe that we are more privileged and strong. But we ignore the basic truth of nature. The proximity to the source of a power indicates how weak we are within ourselves, how very manipulated and vassal and how far away from the concept of “Freedom”.

And something important that i forgot to say:
 “The electron is an “elementary particle”, i.e. an “energy stream”, while the “core” as a product of the proton and neutron union is “Matter”. And the current of energy, the “Electron” has as its “mission”, collecting energy from its universal environment, to overcome the “Matter” and become a free electron. The dilemma to which we must respond has also been raised by Plato. Chained slaves in the “cave” or “free”, outside it?

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