Bioenergy, Biomagnetism, Healing and Planetery Forces

In our century great changes have taken place in all areas of human life.

Perhaps the most spectacular took place in the field of Physics. Previously, Newtonian physics provided verifiable and predictable explanations of the mechanics of phenomena perceived by the bodily senses. Newtonian laws, although applicable to the sensible world, were unable to establish observations at the atomic and subatomic levels. New theories and new laws had to be formulated to interpret the phenomena of these levels. Einstein, Heisenberg and others interpreted these phenomena, developing new concepts, now known as “field theory”, “quantum theory” and “relativity theory”. But the classical theory of the field, electrodynamics, has merged with quantum theory into a new theory called <quantum electrodynamics> and describes all the electromagnetic interactions between subatomic particles.

This theory encompasses both quantum and relativity. It was the first quantum relativistic model of modern physics and remains the most successful.

The classical, mechanistic view of the world was based on the perception of solid, indestructible particles moving in space. Modern Physics has caused the radical revision of this image. Not only has it led to a whole new concept of particles, but it has also profoundly transformed the classical concept of vacuum. This transformation took place through the so-called field theories.

The concept of the field was introduced in the 19th century by Faraday and Maxwell, describing the forces that exist between electric charges and currents. An electric field is a state in space around a charged body that exerts some force on any other charge in that space. Electric fields, then, are created by charged bodies and their effect can only be felt by charged bodies. Magnetic fields are produced by moving charges, that is, by electric currents, and the magnetic forces they generate can only be felt by other moving charges. In classical electrodynamics, a theory developed by Faraday and Maxwell, fields are basic physical entities and can be considered without reference to material bodies.Pulsed electric and magnetic fields can travel in space in the form of radio waves, photovoltaics and other types of electromagnetic radiation. The theory of relativity perfected the structure of electrodynamics, unifying the concepts of charge and current, electric and magnetic field. Since every movement is relative, every load can also take the form of load can also take the form of current and  the magnetic dipole – in a frame of reference in which the load moves relative to the observer – and therefore the electric field may take the form of magnetic field. According to the theory of relativity, the two fields of electrodynamics are integrated into a single electromagnetic field.

Matter and space – the complete and the empty – were two fundamentally separate concepts and formed the basis of the atomic theory of Democritus and Newton. In the general theory of relativity, these two concepts are now inseparable.

Thus, modern Physics shows us again that material objects are not separate entities, but are inextricably linked to the environment and that their properties can only be understood in terms of their interaction with the rest of the world. According to Mach’s principle, this interaction reaches as far as the Universe, distant stars and galaxies. The basic unity of the Universe is thus becoming apparent not only in the microcosm, but also in the macrocosm, a fact that is increasingly recognized by modern astrophysics and cosmology. The unity and interdependence between a material object and its environment, which is apparent on a macroscopic scale in the theory of relativity, takes on an even more astonishing form at the subatomic level. Here,to describe the interactions between subatomic particles, the ideas of classical field theory are combined with the ideas of quantum theory.

This theory encompasses both quantum and relativity. It was the first quantum relativistic model of modern physics and remains the most successful.

The amazing new feature of quantum electrodynamics is due to the combination of two concepts: the electromagnetic field and photons as a particle form of electromagnetic waves. Because photons are also electromagnetic waves and because these waves are pulsating fields, photons must be a manifestation of electromagnetic fields. Thus, the concept of the quantum field is born, ie a field that can take the form of quanta or particles. This is really a completely new concept, able to describe all subatomic particles and their interactions, where each type of particle corresponds to a different field. In these “quantum theories”, the classical contrast between solid particles and the space that surrounds them has been completely overcome.The quantum field is considered the fundamental physical entity, a continuous medium that covers the entire space. The particles are local concentrations of the field, concentrations of energy coming and going, losing their individual character and dissolving within the field.

For each person the position the stars at the time of their birth is responsible for the emission of a different unique energy E / M field, which prevails only at that moment and constitutes the natal Identity ,which is unique, while defining the initial functions of the organism, the consequence of which is the dynamic course of his health, depending on the environment in which he lives and creates for himself.

The position of the stars (with their electromagnetic energy fields), in an Earth that travels at breakneck speed across space, have a significant effect on it and on the body of every young person, depending on the electromagnetic radiation that currently dominates in the prevailing field, in which man is born. Birth identity affects the character and also influences his characteristics, which will be developed later, influenced by the environment. Astrology also tries to establish these scientific views , once it becomes a science.

 To this day, however, the “rational” man rejects everything that is not accepted by modern science. But when the elaboration of new theories, or the invention of new methods, and the construction of corresponding instruments allow science to detect and measure results, then what until then he himself refused to stubbornly accept, then after these findings, begins to formally accept it, as paradoxical as it may seem at first. The abolition of the old admissible position and its replacement by a new one is always a field of serious conflicts, especially in the modern scientific world.

1) The positions of the planets have the ability to affect solar activity

2) This activity affects the Earth’s magnetic field

3) The changes that occur in this Earth’s magnetic field affect the fetus at the time of birth.

The   same genes that give the newborn the resemblance to its parents constitute the magnetic antenna that “reads”, ie is tuned to the same frequency.

The signal of birth is given by the function of the coordinated electromagnetic field depending on the position of the planets, since the interaction of the stars determines at every moment the life and the future of the fetus. The energy signal is transmitted to all nerve cells and is coordinated with the epiphysis which is the processor of the whole organism. In an embryo, information  comes from   genes and is recorded in DNA , but it is also shaped by the coordination of the universe , thus creating a distinct entity .


The cells, of which every organism is composed, are   the smallest autonomous living functional unit of life. Is an entity adapted to extreme conditions   of the environment and responds  to various  stimuli. It recognizes other cells, communicates with them, as well as with multicellular organisms, and transforms according to the genetic instructions of the organism to which it belongs.

The    life   is characterized   by   the   ability   of the   cell    to convert  continuously energy even transforming and azoi nature (metals, metalloids, chemical salts) new operations and structures. The cellular state derived from these principles is in mutual harmony with the nitrogenous environment and is described as health.   Loss of use or   degradation   of nitrogenous natural material,  leads to defective function of the cellular state, leads to disease and illness. That is why the   most important objective of medical treatment   should be  be the restoration of the functional   capacity   of the cells   and   their functions,   so that they can restore health (balance) in the tissues   and  organs.

Virtually all therapies at a holistic level act as energy therapies, aiming at homeostasis and restoration of cellular energy balance, ie the health of the   whole organism.

The above possibilities and organic functions, assisting with all the means available to Quantum Medicine, in recent years are constantly gaining ground and constituting the subject of a multifaceted   quantum medicine, the general principles of which   are summarized in the following two axioms:

  • The life of any organism depends   on   the   proper operation of a cellular level.
  • The  proper  functioning of the cell (metabolism) depends   on   the energy   that   it has and produces to make up for the losses. Health is perceived by the body itself with the language of E / M frequencies, the only one in which cells communicate Cells are transmitters and receivers together, which is why cell DNA is considered a perfect radio biostate.
  •  Energy is radiated in all directions as electromagnetic waves, much like radio waves, which have a certain frequency. These waves, when pulsed with material frequency   make the world around us visible. Thus, the frequency was rightly considered to be the common denominator of the expression of matter and energy, while its   configuration   is the vehicle on which the information is carried   and the function of resonant frequencies corresponds to the  resonance   of the   morphogenetic   field   and   consequently   its   specific   material.


To date, classical medicine has only indirect ways to measure the involvement of energy in various functional processes, in order to record the effects it causes.

However, the holistic conception of Quantum medicine strengthened man’s optimism, because he believed that by taming energy, it would give a new dimension to the medicine of the coming century and with the prospect that its long-known therapeutic effect natural energy could be made possible by everyone, thanks to special electronic devices that produce similar electromagnetic fields and with unprecedented healing properties. It seems that medicine today has in its quiver a new powerful weapon, which exerts a fundamental action in healing   and this action confirms the old theories about the possibility of self-healing and self-healing of the human body. This possibility is the fundamental force that characterizes life, the so-calledbio-electricity , which is now a commonplace in medicine. It is about the bioenergy , or if you want the animal electricity, produced and updated within the body itself, recharging cells with energy. This energy supports all the “bioenergy systems”, to which man belongs and is a fundamental property of life and life force, which coexists with every living cell. It is the natural shield of the organism and is represented by the well-known immune (defense) system, thanks to which life and man on our planet prevailed and evolved.

Every pain in the body is also a cry of thirst for energy. This energy balance of health, which can be disturbed, especially   downwards, can be slowly restored with a healthy diet, as well as with special electrical pulsers. Thus, the main energy factor for man is the triangle Electricity – Magnetism – Atomic energy.

This means that we are dependent on 3 basic forces, Electricity, Magnetic field and EM radiation, which is considered impossible atomic energy,


Biomagnetism is considered as the  primordial force, which gives vitality and Health to the bio-system, harmonizing the E / M forces of the body ( Electromagnetic body field harmony ). See and THE ART OF HEALING WITH BIOMAGNETISM . by Peter Kulish

The action of the magnetic field on the biological systems, by causing the permeability of the cell wall, allows the elimination of waste and toxins and the entry of nutrients, while the action of the cellular material of   DNA seems to be the main explanation for how Magnetic therapy affects biological matter and is thus effective in all types of disorders. The bipolar effect also stimulates the nerve endings to help eliminate toxins.

These evolutionary forces existed long before us, as well as   other life forms .

Long before the advent of plants, animals, and humans, the Earth’s atmospheric fields penetrated the Earth, which then existed. Without these elemental forces there would be no Earth and no life on it. These E / M fields exist within us and within every creature, all around us and everything in the Universe is closely interconnected with these evolutionary forces.

All perceptions and functions in humans are affected by the E / M fields. The whole world around us is just E / M frequencies. Everything we feel, whatever perception we form and whatever thought we make, are all E / M frequencies. Humanity as a whole has incorporated the energy received by our organs and with the help of brain functions can form our thoughts.

A red flower e.g. in fact it is neither a flower nor a red. It is a temporary accumulation of molecules and components, which, among other things, are in relation to changes in light energy as a result of the emission of an E / M vibration (pulse-oscillation). If this radius strikes e.g. in our eyes it causes chemical transformations.

Electrical signals are generated, which are eventually connected to the brain taking into account previous cognitive processes with the “red flower” theory.

 In the case of higher biosystems, the view has been adopted that man is, after all, a collection of individuals. The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail   . The “fugue of ants”, as described by the excellent example of Douglas Hofstadler, highlights the differences between analytical and holistic methods in modern medicine. The example of partitions is supported and paralleled by the distinction between the two levels, as they are perceived in the language of computers . And he points out the mistakes they can make     become due to confusion of levels when considering the operation of a particle colony. It is known that these insects have a complex and highly organized social structure, based on the division of labor, as is the case with the human body and its trillions (60-70) cells, organized into groups of differentiated cells, which are the organs or systems whose function is similar to that of particle colonies. Every particle, like every cell, can perform a limited program of functions, and yet the colony as a whole demonstrates an amazing “intelligence” of these societies, judging by the achievements and designs on the partitions, in building their nest. or the collection and storage of supplies, etc.The same goes for the various organs in an organism, where billions of cells work much more closely together and achieve wonderful results as a whole. While the individual institutions have limited functional specialization, the interdependent inter-institutional cooperation nevertheless yields excellent results. The body as a whole performs complex and highly complex functions, as long as one thinks that just one hand movement, or a reaction of the immune system to a foreign invasion, mobilizes many thousands of mechanisms and billions of cells, which work together in a coordinated manner. Each partition is an automaton simply programmed to perform a basic set of tasks. The same with the cell. In computers it is proportional to the mechanical level of description we have just developed,is the corresponding level computer hardware . If, however, we look at the achievements of the colony at the level of the whole, then a complex plan emerges for the ants, and for man   excellent abilities of intelligence and adaptation to his environment. At this holistic level corresponds   to the computer the software description level software , where the displayed organizational features are obvious and the design, as well as the result of the interinstitutional and further intercellular cooperation are displayed very clearly with the collective.

Although we are accustomed to considering the bee and the ant as independent organisms, there is also the view that all these colonies

they are also single organic assemblies, as colonies that function as single organisms. After all, in our body there are colonies consisting of billions of cells that work together as a single organic whole. They are the cell colonies that form the various organs. Their connection is somewhat closer than that of ants or bee colonies, but here too the same basic principles of division of labor and collective responsibility are evident.

It is important to understand, however, that the same holistic characteristics as in particle and bee colonies occur in cell (tissue) colonies. For those who do not understand these examples and still oppose the holistic idea in medicine, they should understand that it is nonsense to say that the human being is just a collection of cells, each of which is nothing more than a sum of DNA with other compounds. which in turn are nothing but chains of individuals and   therefore there would be a risk of concluding that life has no meaning.

Life, however,   is a holistic phenomenon and can not be understood in a reductive way by matter alone, unless we also take into account energy.

As for the cell, when we say cellular energy, we are talking about an invisible force, which many call animal energy, others bioenergy   and attributed   to it supernatural powers and properties, while its therapeutic effects on diseases are considered miraculous and attributed to metaphysical cause. However, this is not a miracle, as they mean it, but a natural consequence of the action of this energy due to the coordination of the vibrations of the selected cell biomolecules or frequencies.

To understand the holistic nature of life and therapies based on biomolecular   medicine, we must distance ourselves from the idea that in order for inanimate matter, or healing power, to come to life, it must first be endowed with some magical property. It is time to realize that such a mentality is harmful and misleading. Physicists have adopted a new method of approaching the natural world, and physicians are now just beginning to feel the need to explore it – and almost everyone has already adopted, in theory, the HOLISTIC view. This change of direction was followed by some medical circles, which emphasize the importance of treatment of “the whole patient”.

However, the amazing miracle cures,   which could not be explained by the limited knowledge we had about the ability to mobilize the body’s natural forces, can be explained by

the logic of energy E / M therapy, which is achieved by activating the so-called DC control systems, or by the electric currents generated in the brain itself (self-healing), or even by the effect of E / M fields from other people on the patient ( Healers ). These forces are neither supernatural nor unknown in modern physics and biotechnology and work by altering biochemistry with E / M radiation, which is identical with the holistic view of Quantum Therapy.

Bioenergy is attributed healing properties, due to its special nature, which we will try to describe, starting from the first beginning, the magnetic field .

I think that to date, conventional medicine, in its attempt to cure the disease only with chemical drugs, has reached deadlocks, not only from the serious problems created by the various side effects of chemical drugs, but also from the great financial burden that requires the maintenance of health by these conventional means.

In short, in addition to the fact that in addition chemical drugs are, more or less, a biological rape of the human system, forcing it to metabolize non-biological substances, for which the price, many times, are serious “iatrogenic” damage due to these chemical drugs. From such cases, unfortunately, the medical literature is full, hence the now generalized in medicine   defamatory term of “iatrogenic   lesion”.

If, however, as we have an obligation, we want to support Quantum Medicine, then we must consider and establish a pioneering diagnostic and therapeutic system of Neo-Hippocratic Medicine, as it has been developed in recent years, based on inherent (internal) natural defenses. forces, which could be maximized for the good of all mankind. A basic condition for the activation and operation   of the self-healing mechanisms is to have the structural elements in the body (vitamins, trace elements, chemical salts, proteins), in order to be utilized in the repair, which will automatically be able to


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