The messages engraved in the heart of certain discoveries and inventions, many times, may take years of earnest search to unlock. I believe this to be so because we perceive that Space Itself is Intelligent; and any Ray of Discovery which is sent into any sensitive recipient sends within itself deep messagings into new foundations from which it issues forth.

Such is the case with the very great and profound discoveries of Dr. Thomas Henry Moray, whose notes and letters have been searched through for decades with little progress, save perhaps in the venues of philosophy and basic understandings concerning Space. This, we maintain, is because no one has made any significant post-developmental work upon this great discoverer’s designs in the physical sense. All subsequent work has been verbal and cognitive. It is well within the power of certain devices of legendary position to generate such intense mental focussings in suited populations of individuals.

Recently I have been fortunate enough to experience a series of observations which may hold the secret of a new power for us, and a means of unlocking many of these mysteries which have captivated our imaginations, hopes, and expectations. For a long while I have been carefully studying telluric energies (earth veinic energies) and have been experiencing the varieties of sensations which do accompany the regular surgings within these ground-crystals.

First to be mentioned is the Black Ray energy, which I will speak of in certain future papers, and which is thrillingly present along the whole course of any major veinic line. This Black Ray is seen and felt as a shining black zone of extreme absorptivity, and is seen especially at night near certain structures (natural and/or man-made).

If one should look carefully around street lamps at certain wintery times of the year (after sunset has passed) one will see these aureoles of radiant shining blackness. These zones are specifically focussed, and seem to emanate from specific spots in stonewalls, iron fences, the ground itself, certain trees, poles and posts of iron, and many more places than I can here mention.

Suffice it to be said that this Black Ray sparkles out of specific spots in stonewalls, iron fences, the ground itself, certain trees, poles and posts of iron, and many more places than I can here mention. Suffice it to be said that this Black Ray sparkles out of specific materials best, and (when in maximum surge) rises up above the ground in a shield or crown of beautiful clarity.

Within these natural enclosures of energy, one may experience a very meaningful array of sensations. In fact, within such an energy shield, one realizes the validity of many anciently held views of the experiential realms which meet and inter-relate throughout the vast reaches of Space. It is possible to find zones of pure beauty, or of pure form; these, along with their other number of major experiencings, are maximized at specific positions.

The angulations of these directed energies is all-important, and one may actually peer up through such a shield into the very deeps of the Vastness and receive great sudden surges of transcendent knowing. The very deep emotional content of these constant personal surgings can never be adequately described. Only experience of these may ever share the true sense of fusion with the telluric energies.

Within such realms of experience, there have come certain more recent discoveries which may bring about a true and basic understanding of many scientific mysteries we have long focussed upon. We have focussed our detailed studies upon certain discoveries and designs, because these were granules of pure experience generated ex nihilo in the minds of their inventors. They are messages as well as glorious machines, which Space Itself is sending into us. Therefore, they have this sense of mystery written within them along with an eloquent beauty and form which is indescribable. They are pivot-points for the minds of sentient beings to tap experience from. And we have been captivated by them, for they are mythologic objects.

While peering along a main telluric vein (which I have determined near my home) certain visual and mental phenomena began to occur with increasing regularity which I would now like to describe. The Main Veinic passes in an angular route past my kitchen window. It nearly follows the main roadway off into the distance. While many of us recognize that “ley lines” often become (nearly) such main roadways in human affairs, we will not venture into a detailed study of that phenomenon. Neither will we speak more of the many ways in which the telluric energy will reveal itself to planners and builders who give names such as “Woodrow”, “Odell”, “Lelane” and the like to those roadways which coincide with the local earth geometry.

While I have often found these names amusing whenever I see them, I find their associated energies to be much more. I had been in the study of certain geometries and their effect upon the Black Ray energy. I also was marvelously drawn to begin study of the various materials which, in certain geometric array, would affect the receptivity and experience of the participant within the energetic realm mentioned. Watching the Black Ray energy along that road-veinic I was suddenly surprised by a series of sudden and consistent “wavings” which were visual.

Imagine looking at a normal scene at night, and seeing black ripples of the most delicate sort passing from Space down into the ground. These were not regular in sequence, neither were they isolated (“out there”) from me. I was much a part of that sensation. In fact, the experience was a total one; one in which distinctions of observer-participant were melting away. Later on, while in a state of great enthusiasm, I began to determine whether the effect itself might be enhanced in some way. I found that these effects were never strongly experienced away from the Veinic Axis. I also found that because of this, they were never reported for lack of consistent observations.



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