Cosmic Blueprint

A man’s mind stretched by a new idea can never go back to its original dimensions. – Oliver Wendell Holmes

four ethers xIn attempting to provide a thumbnail sketch of the spiritual-scientific conceptions of Dr. Steiner, and of those who followed the pathway he broke, one is sharply conscious of a certain impertinence. Steiner’s work is destined to change the character of modern knowledge, as well as expand the means of its acquisition. These are weighty matters. There are at present in print, in the U.S.A. and in the English language, at least 250 separate books and collections of lectures by Dr. Steiner. Let the following words therefore be regarded as an outline sketch of those aspects of Steiner’s work that enabled me to approach UFO phenomena in a new way.

Anthroposophy provides insight into the changes of consciousness that have taken place during human evolution, in various regions and periods of the past. Popular conceptions of ancient man present him as just like us, but lacking automobiles, electronics and similar modern appurtenances. Our belief today is that people did not really know anything before the rise of modern science and its measurement techniques.

Prior to the development, in the immediately recent past, of modern natural science, human beings held completely different views of cosmic and planetary evolution from those that are considered scientifically valid today. In earlier cultures, extending as far back as written records take us, men expressed their conceptions of cosmic workings in the “mythologies” that are an integral part of the cultural history of early humanity. Scientists lend no credence to these views of early men. Evolution and creation as seen by the ancients arose out of religious ideas and inspirations influencing humans in those early epochs.

Steiner has pointed out in many of his lectures, that all these varying cosmologies and cosmogonies — regardless of the geographical region, ethnic rooting or time period in which they were developed — attest to a mode of consciousness in their formulators markedly different from that of modern man. Spiritual beings were held to stand behind natural processes. These spiritual entities were deemed to be interwoven with earth life in a way that modern scientific consciousness can only regard as absurd.

Dr. Steiner recognizes and accepts the power and clarity of modern scientific thinking. At the same time, he repeatedly states that the particular type of brain-bound consciousness that has given rise to present material science, is a transitional form of consciousness. In short, changes of consciousness in the past evolution of mankind are a fact. Changes of consciousness in the future are a certainty.

Breaking through all prior limits of knowledge drawn by earlier philosophers, Steiner himself demonstrated in the breadth and depth of his own life’s work what the scientific mind of the future will be like. The scientist of tomorrow will have exact perception of the spiritual worlds, and of their processes and denizens. Present-day material science may be considered a sort of prototype of a future science that will understand the laws of the spiritual worlds with the same precision and clarity of thought now attending its physical endeavors.

As we move toward the increasing encounters with other-world intelligences and forms that are arising out of UFO manifestations, we do well to remember two things concerning the orthodox knowledge with which we are presently at- tempting official investigations of UFOs:

  1. Modern natural science has been on the world scene only about a century and a half.
  2. Until the advent of modern natural science, the mythico-religious conceptions of creation were the only conceptions entertained by humans. Their history extends back for millennia.

When technical data has been offered by non-terrestrials in contact with earthmen, as in the George Van Tassel communications, this technical advice has two main characteristics:

  1. Advanced scientific concepts are employed that indicate technological mastery of etherian physics. These concepts have been largely execrated by official science when advanced theoretically by highly intelligent earth men. To the “spacemen” they are facts, far into technical application.
  2. The entities involved speak of spiritual laws and forces with the same precision that we can apply only to “hard” technical fields like chemistry and optics.

The importance of Steiner’s pioneering work — showing humanity the pathway to such superior cognition — should already be evident. He showed us how to get to where the UFOs and their controlling intelligences already are. We have to do the job ourselves. We do it in freedom.

Steiner gave mankind the basic means and methods for acquiring the powers of cognition necessary to extend our scientific understanding of creation. The extension must inevitably be into the supersensible realms that stand behind the manifested world. Such glimpses of the New Knowledge in technical application as the UFOs have given us, leave little doubt that 21st century science is going to be radically different to that of today. So will be the consciousness of its scientists.

The time to set such changes on foot is now.

The contemporary deracination of any kind of spiritual or soul force as active in earth life is a recent thing in the evolution of humanity. Through all prior time, man maintained cosmic connections. The impact of UFOs on scientific consciousness — their arousal of technical curiosity and their inaccessibility to existing methods — has been immense. The UFOs have confronted us with the need to change ourselves. The direction of change will be as Dr . Steiner indicated — the systematic acquisition of superior cognitive and perceptive powers — and by the means he defined.

Thousands of young science students in the past decade took “trips” with LSD and other psychedelics, blasting open centers of higher perception with this powerful drug. Out of this pathological, but nevertheless devastatingly real contact with mind-stuff and emotion-stuff, has come a general impulse toward spiritual renewal. The science student who has seen the working of the ethers while under drugs becomes a candidate for their theoretical study, and for the intelligent application of his will to his own inner development. The strong souls will develop in themselves the same perceptual and cognitive powers as Dr. Steiner.

Modern materialistic science and its specialized consciousness have reached back into earlier earth life in the course of scientific investigation. Writings, drawings and records arising from human inner wisdom have been classified as mere superstition. This attitude stems from the impossibility of our viewing the cosmos with the consciousness of a Chaldean star-worshipper or an Egyptian priest. There is justification for the attitude of modern science, but it is essentially one-sided, and that is its weakness.

Cosmologies predating modern science had Man as the center and purpose of earth evolution. He was seen as worked upon by spiritual beings, powers and forces in an upward path to perfection. Modern materialistic science, by contrast, regards man as the end product of a series of biochemical accidents and arcane distillations, and there is as yet no coherent theory of evolution capable of withstanding the mounting torrent of scientific discoveries. Science is adrift in this field largely because it has not yet learned to read correctly the facts it has found. As with UFOs, the problem is not a lack of hard data, but a question of perception and consciousness.

The ancients conceived of the world and man as being built up over the eons by divine workings. In the sciences of the future, we will regain a similar knowledge of human origins, according to Dr. Steiner. This future science will develop its understanding of evolution by fortifying its external work with exact supersensible perceptions, scientific discipline, and a firm knowledge of the four basic ethers whose formative powers rule physical creation.* Ancient men felt themselves intimately membered into these etheric weavings, and out of this relationship arose what we regard today as ancient mythologies.

  • As a bold commencing effort see The Loom of Creation by Dennis Milner, D.Sc., and Edward Smart, published by Neville Spearman Ltd., London.

Modern materialistic science extinguishes all such intuitive feelings in its votaries. The systematic biasing of otherwise free minds is the bedrock of higher education, which George Bernard Shaw appropriately described as a “budget of lies”. The religious conceptions that survived the rise of modern science were relegated to the philosophical domain of faith -the bailiwick of ministers, mystics and the multitudes who followed them. As science multiplied its power of investigation, the religious field came to be regarded as essentially for the misguided and ill-informed.

For the old conceptions of divine workings, science substituted the Kant-La Place theory of evolution. Synthesized out of the conceptions of philosopher Immanuel Kant (Natural History of the Heavens) and the theories of Napoleon’s astronomer Pierre La Place, this was an approach to evolution wholly in tune with the juggernaut of Mechanism. Stripped of all soul, spirit and kindred influences, the Kant-La Place theory presented a lifeless, sterile picture of the origins of the earth.

A glowing, revolving gas ball is deemed to have slowly condensed, under this theory, spinning off the planets into their orbits. The whole thing eventually settled into the configuration we see today. Verifiable mechanical laws rule the whole happening. Soul and spirit become superfluous to what are regarded as the hard, physical facts. Life on earth is a later, seemingly accidental addition to the basic sterility of the earth’s origin. To this day, scientists have been content with this theory .As this is written, it is being crammed anew into the heads of yet another hapless generation of youngsters.

Evolution thus came to be regarded scientifically as something starting from inert substance, proceeding from below upwards. The basic astronomical mathematics of Johannes Kepler were an indispensable step in the consolidation of these modern scientific ideas of evolution, but were divested of Kepler’s conception of the universe as the body of a gigantic spiritual being. Any suggestion of spirit in the new concepts was left with the mythological notions of ancient men, amid the dust and junk of long-dead civilizations.

The searingly hot Kant-La Place gas ball is a mechanist’s delight. Physical man or other life — either as an extant entity at the time or as a prior contributor to evolution — was totally eliminated. My discovery of the plasmatic bio-forms — heat critters — undoes the idea that great heat and life are incompatible and paves the way for a new empirical beginning. Since Kant-La Place, however, notions of when and how life on earth started, have in formal circles, occupied some of our brightest minds. These varying notions have also triggered some of the fiercest arguments between scientists.

The sterility that is seemingly inseparable from that glowing gas ball, and the mechanical notions of evolution constrained by its acceptance, have blocked generations of thinkers from reaching any valid conceptions about the origins of the earth. Dr. Steiner’s indications, based on exact supersensible perception, open all the necessary doors. What he has provided is in harmony with basic natural scientific findings. All this, in turn, reaches with illuminating power into some of the central riddles of ufology.

Dr. Steiner stated in his numerous lectures that lime formations are deposits of living organisms. Shellfish, snails, polyps and similar organisms have deposited the lime formations of the earth. Dr. Steiner made this observation some seventy years ago. Geochemical research in modern times progressively confirms Steiner’s statements. In a relatively recent incident bearing upon ufology , the origin of other earthly matter in life processes was elevated to an even more startling eminence. We reach forward from Dr. Rudolf Steiner in the first years of this century to Ivan T. Sanderson’s Uninvited Visitors for one instance worth a thousand.

Biologist-geologist Ivan T. Sanderson was among the scientists interested in ufology who believe that before we seek to understand extra-terrestrial life, we should try and better understand terrestrial life. That modern science is woefully derelict in this sphere, is evident from the incident he cites on page 99 of Uninvited Visitors. (Cowles Communications, Inc., New York, 1967.)

“A scientist in Germany was assigned after World War II to make certain surveys of the deep salt mines in Bavaria, where the Nazis had stashed art and other treasures that they had plundered from museums and collections all over Europe. This man, a biologist in its widest sense, happened to become interested in the salt itself, which was laid down under some overwarm sea about 200 million years ago. He took samples and analyzed them, and one of the things that startled him was that living things turned up in the resultant solutions. Naturally, he assumed that these were the product of contamination during the taking of the samples, or later in his laboratory, since all air is choked with such living things as spores and bacteria.

“However, he refined his techniques with every conceivable precaution, and still the living things appeared, until finally he was forced to the conclusion that they were resuscitated generations of creatures that had lived in the ancient sea and become fossilized along with the salt, to rest for millions of years before being ‘brought back to life.’ This bizarre experiment was subsequently tested by others, starting from scratch and using both their own and the original methods. Always the same answer.”

Limestone and subterranean salt, oil, coal and slate deposits are all produced out of living processes. Then why not the totality of the matter of which the earth itself consists? To the objection that azoic rocks have never been found to contain fossils, there is the work of British biochemist Morley Martin as an answer. Under conditions of total sterility he proved in the 1930s that animal forms exist in and can be awakened from azoic rocks. Such devastating findings wreak havoc upon the neurotic security of those whose whole world conception rests upon the opposite. Like Steiner, Reich, Drown, Abrams, Velikovsky and other genuine scientists, Morley Martin has been the victim of obscurantism.

Recognizing the epoch-making nature of Morley Martin’s discoveries, the late Meade Layne compiled an introductory brochure on the English biochemist’s work, and published it in July 1950 under the imprimatur of Borderland Sciences Research Association. It was entitled The Morley Martin Experiments and the Experiments of Dr. Charles W. Littlefield.

Morley Martin, by a series of manipulations in total sterility, caused to emerge in microscopic miniature, vertebrate forms such as we know, together with others which no longer exist. Morley Martin’s vigorous condensations and chemical transmutations reproduced these creatures, in his own words, “in the way they probably came out from the fire-mist or the gas of our nebula.” Under the microscope, trusted witnesses reported seeing vertebrates take shape within the protoplasm, with the outlines of limbs and claws following, then the heads and eyes. One crustacean developed its legs and then walked off the field of the microscope.

When Morley Martin died in 1938, he had published only one small brochure, The Reincarnation of Animal and Plant Life from Protoplasm Isolated from the Mineral Kingdom, which appeared in 1934. Renown awaits the enterprising young biochemist who treads this same pathway today, for the lesson of all such work — Morley Martin’s experiments, those of Dr. Littlefield and the earlier Andrew Crosse — is that the opposite of life is not death, but latency. Biogenesis is not the mystery that obscurantist high priests of official science would have their fellow humans believe.

Human experience and experimental results have thus advanced slowly to those conceptions of eternal life on earth first put forward in modern terms by the amazing Steiner. The inert matter of the earth has been precipitated out of the life processes of the earth itself, just as inert minerals appear when we kill any living organism. That is, the corpse becomes of the substance of the earth itself. The unanswerable question is really no longer “When did life appear on earth?”, but rather “When was there not life on earth?” The continued and dogmatic teaching in the universities of a world conception rooted in sterility is a fraud against the young. Ultimately, such lies will lead to revolt.

The concept of life being ever-present on earth is in no way upset or disturbed by geological evidence that certain mineral substances were once liquid. As long as we are strapped to mechanistic conceptions of the earth’s origin, we consider this onetime liquefaction of presently dense substances to have been due to colossal temperatures. Mechanistically, there is no way around this.

In our pro-Life viewpoint, we read our lessons directly from nature. We know that in biological processes within living organisms, substances are liquefied which, if they were external to the organism, would be solidly mineralized. Such processes go on continually in our own bodies, and especially in our digestion. All manner of “solid” substances are dissolved in protoplasm and in blood. The peculiar power and character of biological processes is exemplified in the vulgar television commercial that shows fabric in which a hole has been burned by “concentrated stomach acid.” The acid does not burn through the stomach, but is held in check by biological processes that are, at best, poorly understood.

Hydrochloric acid is formed in external nature by massive processes of volcanism -a happening that approaches in temperatures those applicable to the Kant-La Place ball-of-hot-gas theory. In the individual human being this acid is formed without our even being aware of it, at a modest 37° centigrade! Why do learned men avoid and evade the clear testimony of all manner of liquefaction in living processes? Wilhelm Reich has provided the answer to this chronic evasion of the essential and we will deal with this in due course.

Given the undoubted ability of organisms to liquefy otherwise solid substances, it is but a short step to grasping Steiner’s account of earlier epochs of the earth. One goes back not into sterility, but into an earth far more actively permeated with life than it is today. The farther one goes back, the more the earth seethes with life. Today’s earth has grown cosmically old and mineralized, like a human octogenarian. Steiner takes us back in time to progressively more active life forces, and hence we can entertain the idea of a liquid state and farther back a gaseous state as a teeming center of life, whose nature is quite different to present earth life.

This “backward progression” allows soul and spirit forces to enter the evolution of an earth constituted differently from the present earth. We can easily conceive of an epoch where all would consist of energy only. In modern times, we have a crude counterpart of this type of life in our plasmatic creatures that dwell in the atmosphere. My pictures are heat pictures, and they show living organisms.

With Anthroposophical knowledge, one works back through ever more active life processes. Soul and spirit are admitted. Ancient men discerned their workings in earlier epochs, and recorded their perceptions in what we now discard as myth. Kant-La Place starts with the moribund, cosmically old earth of today, and attempts to go back into deadness to find life. In Steiner’s conceptions, life and change are endemic. The mechanists are the misguided men who deny life and try to kill change — especially change in their own conceptions.

Radical as Steiner’s conceptions may seem, they actually do no violence to the facts natural science has determined concerning prior evolution. This must be seen as distinct from the judgements and theories attached to those facts. When Morley-Martin brought critters to life in miniature out of azoic rocks, it is only the prior assumption that those rocks predate life on earth that is demolished. Knowledge and understanding are thus advanced by such original empirical findings.

That particular discovery, given new force and merit by the correlative Bavarian salt-cave discoveries mentioned earlier, permits science to go forward and embrace new truths. The men who are troubled and disoriented by such findings are those whose neurotic security is anchored in the old theories and the old knowledge. Their eventual passage from the scene is a certainty.

Meanwhile, such people control natural science and its reception systems. They ensure that the living, vibrant youth embarking upon higher education is biased and deadened beyond redemption. The price of getting a living in science is compliance with established practices and knowledge. Although sound when properly applied, this principle has been misused and is now a major instrumentality of intellectual corruption.

At every hand, therefore, the real innovators, the real discoverers and trailblazers work outside the scientific establishment. They have no option. Much of the fury of today’s young arises from an intuitive sense of right and wrong about what is taught. The discoveries made by the scientific mavericks of this century are positively staggering. Every one of them is a hammer blow at the foundations of the old order.

Consider the dating techniques possible with radioactive carbon, for example. Immense authority attaches to these dating techniques. When Dr. Wilhelm Reich discovered the orgone energy, he also discovered in subsequent work that concentrations of this energy were capable of so decisively altering the half-life of radioactive substances as to corrupt the dating process completely. An earth more alive than at present would be an earth more intensely permeated with or- gone energy -life energy -and thus all those lovely linear projections of the mechanists back into the past go straight down the drain! Reich’s work in this area will be enlarged upon later, but it is cited here as an example of yet another empirical assault on scientific views that are mere beliefs.

Basic natural science will inevitably follow the lead given by the maverick innovators, equipping itself gradually with the new modes of thinking and cognition that at this time are congenital talents of the mavericks. A new empiricism will, in time, spring up to verify and objectify the fruits of such expanded cognition. Dr. Steiner was a sort of archetype of the scientist of the future, with the old primeval wisdom living within him in harmony with modern natural science. Man needs both scientific method and new access to cosmic processes in the age that came upon him with the UFOs.

The primeval wisdom should not be taken lightly or dismissed as mere myth. Archaeological research continually makes startling discoveries of the human past. Aided by such modern techniques as paleomagnetism and archeomagnetism, the human past is continually being moved farther back. Powerful cultures are uncovered by modern techniques. In 1967, for example, the Hohokam culture in the American southwest was unearthed. Suddenly, it was learned that Americans before Christ had learned such amazing arts as the acid etching of ornaments and artifacts, and had created masterful irrigation systems. Every decade verifies the presence of intelligent humans on earth farther and farther back into the remote past before written records.

The artifacts of such remote cultures bespeak a more spiritualized man than walks the earth today. These men of old were not sundered from cosmic forces and powers, and they precipitated their perceptions of these cosmic forces and beings into the media then available, such as clay and wood. Today, we will proceed with similar precipitations, except that our media will be films of all kinds, videotapes, and wonders soon to be born. In all these spheres of thought and work, Steiner’s indications earn new authority via scientific investigation. On every hand, what comes forth has intimate relevance to ufology.

Functioning with a different mode of consciousness, ancient human beings perceived and thought differently from us. We cannot think their thoughts today. A significant point must now be advanced. In this book we have shown how modern photochemistry, in combination with some knowledge of etherian physics and occult science, has objectified a range of form adjacent to and probably interpenetrating our own. This range of form contains typical UFO shapes.

Surely it is not a wild surmise or a preposterous notion that ancient, closer-to-the-spiritual humans might have directly perceived such forms -lost to untrained modern consciousness and perceptions. There is powerful evidence that ancient people did perceive such forms. The evidence consists of an indelible and comprehensive record of their perceptions -side by side with other records that in themselves verify what accurate observers and highly attuned artists these ancients were.

This evidence is in the form of cave drawings found in south-western France and Cantabrian Spain, dating from 30,000 to 10,000 BC. There are some seventy-two of these painted caverns, and the hundreds of drawings of mammoths, bison, horses, ibex and other species are unequivocal proof that the Stone Age men who carved, painted and sculpted these forms were vibrantly functional in those aspects of soul and spiritual life that sustain and inspire art. Truly, it is an astonishing record. Amid the animals appears a full spectrum of UFO shapes that might well have been lifted directly from an official NICAP publication.

The distinguished French mathematician, Aime Michel, internationally renowned also as a serious UFO researcher, has dealt with this incredible Paleolithic art exhibit at length, in an article entitled Paleolithic UFO Shapes. Published in the November-December 1969 issue of the Flying Saucer Review, the article is required reading for all serious students of ufology. Particularly is its content required by those who naively believe that UFOs have been involved in earth life only in relatively modern times.

Pointing out that we have no direct knowledge of the 700 or 800 human generations responsible for this art, the brilliant Michel emphasizes that these masterpieces are still today numbered among the high peaks of world art. Independently of what I have set down here regarding the perceptions of ancient men, Aime Michel describes his own reactions on visiting the caves:

“Entering the cave at Lascaux is like visiting the Parthenon or Sistine Chapel (emphasis added). Every time I have been there I have seen the same impressive spectacle: the crowd of visitors, chattering, passes into semi-darkness. And then the walls are lit up, and suddenly all is silence: 15,000 years after the deaths of those who painted them, the pictures still produce the effect of a sublime presence that imposes respect for its genius, and prompts us to meditation and contemplation. The men who fashioned these masterpieces may lie beneath the dust of the centuries; but at the very first glance we understand that, if there is something in us that escapes death, that something is there, on that white stone, and it will remain there until the end of the world.”

Aime Michel is that rarest of scientific thinkers, the formally trained and accomplished man whose feeling world remains vitally alive. Thus we may see from the above quotation that the distinguished Frenchman was able to come into full contact with the spirit behind this Paleolithic art. The scientist in him, however, does not dream or lose vigilance for a moment. Michel immediately raises — as a scientist surely must — the question of the degree of confidence that can be placed in the accuracy of these cave drawings. Since the animal forms are as well known to modern man as to the Paleolithic artists — and they appear intermingled with the UFO forms — the accuracy of both is self-evident. Says Michel:

“A mere glance gives us the answer. It is art of an admirably representational quality. The painters at Lascaux, Rouffignac and Altamira possessed a sureness of vision and of execution that is comparable to the great painters of the Renaissance, and that, by its realism and its movement and at times even its humor, is greatly superior to all that has been bequeathed to us by the Classical and Near Eastern worlds of antiquity.”

The unknown objects portrayed by the Paleolithic artists can therefore be regarded as accurate recordings of what those artists perceived. Discs, doughnuts, large fusiform shapes accompanied by lines of small discs a la Adamski, ventlas with ladders, ventlas trailing vapors, and objects closely resembling America’s Own Apollo Lunar Landing Module (circa 1969) are all there. In short, it is a collection of shapes indistinguishable from many UFOs reported and photographed in the 20th century.

That ancient men saw and drew UFOs can therefore hardly be doubted, although as Michel points out in his article, it is only the UFO explanation of these otherwise unknown forms that is fantastic to the orthodox mind. These retarded spirits prefer eternal enigmas to explanations that will bring better understanding of life processes. Better sterility and deadness, with its illusory safety, than life from space perceived and recorded by ancient men.

This collection of Paleolithic UFO art, and its clear implications, leads us back to one of the original postulates in this book. When heretofore invisible organisms and other objects started to become visible sporadically with the electricalization of civilization — and especially with the advent of high-powered pulsed radiation — we were forced to consider a cardinal point: if invisible but present now, then why not invisible and present always? Expanding human consciousness and changing human cognition will lead inevitably to the acceptance of this central truth. By contrast, the ships-from-other-planets theory, with its two-plus-two reasoning and no demand to stretch either consciousness or our means of knowing things, hardly seems worthy of the enlightened human mind. Paleolithic man knew UFOs were here.

Dr. Rudolf Steiner has also provided a comprehensive outline of etherian physics -an area of thought without whose content ufology cannot possibly move forward. Major mysteries of terrestrial life, as well as fundamental relationships between man and microcosm and the macrocosm of which he is both part and product, may be gradually understood via etherian physics. Without such knowledge, UFOs will continue not only as a mystery to mankind, but also as a prolific source of illusion.

The most succinct and comprehensive presentation of etherian physics from the Anthroposophical point of view has been compiled by Dr. Guenther Wachsmuth, Rudolf Steiner’s biographer for the final twenty-five years of his life, and also his secretary. Dr. Wachsmuth’s monumental book, Etheric Formative Forces in Cosmos, Earth and Man, was published by the Anthroposophic Press of New York in 1932. One of the masterpieces of esoteric writing, the acquisition of this book is worth whatever effort the student must expend. As might be expected, it is out of print, although thus far no government has ordered it burned. Systematic study of this book will provide the keys to the shapes and forms of all natural objects -including UFOs. Fortified by this knowledge, the ufologist will be able to “read” correctly the signs in the skies, and in this way find his way around popular dogmas.

In order to make the subtle but important distinction between the ethers and the formative forces, researchers should also acquire and study The Four Ethers, by Ernst Marti, MD.* This small but invaluable book supplements, augments, extends and clarifies the presentation of Dr. Wachsmuth.

*Published in 1984 by Schaumberg Publications, 1432 South Mohawk Drive, Roselle, Illinois 60193.

True to the innate proclivities of mechanistic thought – which embraces immobile, stationary and fixed entities with strangling enthusiasm -most conventional thought has held the ether to be stationary .Ether is thought of only in the singular in official science. In more recent times, concepts of a mobile ether have gained wider currency, with this medium seen to participate actively in processes of motion essential to any valid conception of cosmic workings.

The motion of the ether is beyond question to anyone who has extended his powers of cognition beyond the arbitrary boundaries set by conventional philosophy. Such persons, including myself, perceive basic etheric workings directly in the perception of physical force fields around living organisms and in such obvious external happenings as the flimmerings that are perpetually present in both the day and night sky. All such persons accept out of their own experience that what Dr. Steiner and Dr. Reich say of the ethers is true, namely, that they move a priori.

The ether moves, without doubt, and acceptance of this premise has opened to man the control of planetary weather, of which more later. Steiner and Wachsmuth present the ether as seven-fold, and four essential ethers reveal them-selves in physical space-time processes, according to these two brilliant men. The four ethers are:

1 .Warmth ether

  1. Light ether
  2. Chemical ether (AKA sound ether and number ether)
  3. Life ether

These four ethers have evolved phylogenetically out of each other, so that we may consider that warmth ether has evolved into light ether, light ether into chemical ether, and chemical ether into life ether. Empirical findings arising out of Wilhelm Reich’s discoveries already partially confirm this. For example, orgone energy — which may be equated with the chemical ether — can be made to luminate in vacuo and in nature through weather control apparatus. Orgone accumulators literally create warmth “out of nothing”. Thus, light and warmth are contained in orgone energy, i.e., chemical ether. Etherian physics is thus already demonstrating empirically its own theoretical basis.

Thus it is seen that the characteristic of the mutual relationship between the ethers postulated by Wachsmuth and Steiner — that the more highly evolved ether always contains in itself the properties of the ether(s) from which it evolved — has already been externally demonstrated. Each “new” ether, however, is a new formative force with its own innate activities and properties. Understanding this relationship, and living with it, naturally requires a mobility of thought which contemporary higher education usually extinguishes.

Life ether contains in itself the other three, chemical ether contains in itself the preceding two, out of which evolution has taken place. On page 40 in his book, Dr. Wachsmuth states: “Only when, through having penetrated into the substance-world, it has been modified, may a higher ether, for instance, be reduced as it were to the action of a lower. Warmth ether from which the other ether forces have evolved has in turn come into being out of purely spiritual states outside of time and space.”

This at once gives us a theoretical link to earlier states of evolution, and to the gradual condensation of our world through countless millennia. The glowing gas ball of Kant- La Place, as it were, had an illustrious and long prior etheric history. Dr. Wachsmuth’s statements regarding evolution of the ethers themselves are open today to direct empirical proof in some areas, such as is provided by Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s orgone energy accumulator. By perpetually producing heat “out of nothing” it directly contradicts the Second Law of Thermodynamics.* From the point of view of etherian physics, the orgone accumulator squeezes the warmth ether out of concentrated chemical ether. Incomprehensible to the old knowledge, Reich’s invention yields to the basic theories of etherian physics.

  • The Second Law of Thermodynamics is a statistical law, inasmuch as no exception has ever been found to it until Reich devised the orgone accumulator. The rooting of the Second Law is now no longer statistical, but neurotic, since the orgone accumulator proves its basic contentions false in certain arrangements of materials.

Ingenious and enterprising young men will carry all this forward. Unlike the Old Knowledge, the comprehensive structure of etherian physics provides them with a chart for their experimental work. There can be little doubt that the science of tomorrow will penetrate these principles and bring forth a new technology — indeed, it has already begun.

The four ethers as carriers as carriers of formative forces, have the following characteristics:

  1. The warmth manifests in heat, which etherian physics ** regards as the fourth state of matter, and not a mere mode of motion affecting the other three states. My photographs of the atmospheric bioforms could not have been made without heat-sensitive film. We have recorded animate things extant and conscious in this fourth state of matter. These objects were photographed in situ, and are an adventurer’s contribution to a valid new conception of heat as the fourth state of matter. The warmth ether tends to produce objects of spherical form, i.e., it shapes matter into globes. I have more than my share of globular critters on both stills and movies.
  2. The light ether reaches the direct physical perception of man as the normal light of the terrestrial environment. When light ether acts unimpeded in nature, it produces triangular forms. In field experiments with the cloudbuster, triangular forks of lightning have been produced on many occasions, in another break-in to the experimental side of etherian physics made possible by Reich’s discoveries.
  3. The chemical ether or sound ether, also known as the number ether, is active in chemical processes of all kinds, and also transmits sound to the human ear -the tones of the audible world around us. Sound has tremendous formative power, well-illustrated externally by the Chladni sound figures. In these experiments, dust laid upon a tightly stretched diaphragm adopts varying forms in accordance with varying tones.

Physically audible tones nevertheless are an infinitesimal part of the total tone activity vibrating everywhere in space, the waves produced by the forces of chemical ether . Sound or chemical ether gives form to the natural things of our world. In nature, the chemical ether, when working unimpeded, produces half-moon forms. Centripetal in action, it is interlocked with all the phenomena of cold and contraction.

  1. The life ether is the most highly evolved of the four, and also the most complex and diverse in its essential qualities. Life ether is radiated to the earth by the sun. Like the chemical ether, it is a suctional, centripetal force -a force that draws inwards. The formative power of the life ether, when working unimpeded in substance, manifests in the square shape.

** For a highly intelligent and comprehensive approach to heat as the fourth state of matter and etherian physics in general, see Man or Matter

Each of the four ethers manifests naturally in its own color. The colors are:

Warmth ether – Red

Light ether – Yellow

Chemical ether – Blue

Life ether – Purple-violet

Each of the four ethers has a natural spatial tendency. These spatial tendencies are:

Warmth Ether – Radial, expansive, centrifugal

Light Ether – Radial, expansive, centrifugal

Chemical Ether – Suctional, contractive, centripetal

Life Ether – Suctional, contractive, centripetal

Each of the four ethers manifests in its own natural state of matter. These states are:

Warmth Ether – Heat

Light Ether – Gaseous or aeriform

Chemical Ether – Liquid or fluid

Life Ether – Solid

four ether chart Anyone who has wondered why or how different colored flowers of the same type come into being should inspect not just the color of the flowers, but the shape of the leaves. The formative signature of the appropriate ether will be found in the differing shapes of the leaves, i.e., the yellow flower’s leaf will have a more triangular form than the red flower of the same kind. Try it and see.

Before proceeding further with this sketch of fundamental etherian physics, a practical observation may be made here that is not without its fascination. The majority of the photographs of UFOs made by me through the years, using heat-sensitive film, reveal spheroidal objects. In the 1958 motion pictures made by Dr. Woods and myself, the highly mobile forms captured were essentially spheroidal. Thus do we see how etherian physics, even in this elementary state, provides new tools with which to evaluate and study UFO photographs from any source. They are, after all, and as Meade Layne said over four decades ago, “ether ships” that we are pursuing — those of them that are ships.

Another point arises from the obvious and lawful connection of UFOs to etherian physics. A purported photographic expert who is without expertise in etherian physics should recognize that if he wants to evaluate photos of ether ships, he must acquire and apply a knowledge of etherian physics. His valid conventional experience is not undermined by such knowledge, but rather, made amenable to both extension and expansion.

Etherian physics sees the earth as a gigantic living organism. Like all living things, the earth “breathes.” The planetary breathing cycle is diurnal. Chemical ether is inhaled and exhaled by the earth, with marked and measurable effects upon the atmosphere. Many of the central mysteries of meteorology are bound up in this breathing process.

The earth and its atmosphere consist of four spherical, concentric and interpenetrating spheres. In each of these spheres, one of the four kinds of ether is predominant. Light ether and warmth ether function mainly in the atmosphere and heat mantle of the earth. The chemical ether and life ether predominate in the liquid and solid matter of the earth respectively. These distributions of forces and their influences are the normal, primary terrestrial state.

Let alone, the earth would quickly stratify these ether-spheres and tend toward fixity. The sun is the chief force in chaoticizing these ethers. By constantly roiling these ethers and the formative forces of which they are the carriers, the sun produces their dynamic intermingling and interpenetration, out of which comes life with all its rhythms and diverse forms.

During the night, the earth re-establishes something akin to the normal primary distribution of the ethers. Contraction, stillness and chill characterize nocturnal conditions. Human life sinks to its lowest ebb during the night, especially between midnight and dawn. The human being thereby reflects, in his inert and unconscious organism, the quiescent condition of that portion of the planet upon which he is living. Then comes the morning, the sun’s influence, and the remanifestation of the life forces.

The old cosmologies saw everywhere in creation the deeds of all manner of divinities, the spirits of the ethers. The immortal Kepler, kinsman and antecedent of the modern etherian physicist, saw the universe as the body of a gigantic spiritual being, so that to Kepler it was a living cosmos. Nineteenth-century science expunged from its rubric all such concepts. The physical-material was considered sufficient, so immense was its impact on the human mind with the rise of measurement. Goethe’s conception of the earth- breathing process, physically verified in the morning and evening “double wave” of pressure at the barometer, was among the brilliant insights into natural workings ignored at this time. The stampede for mechanical interpretations of nature trampled under all pioneer efforts at functional enlightenment.

The major etheric force involved in the breathing processes of the earth as a living organism is the chemical ether. We shall find ourselves intimately concerned with this ether in understanding UFOs, not only at this break-in stage, but also for many decades to come. Apparatus has been designed by certain earthmen to concentrate and manipulate this particular ether, and we had best therefore understand its basic action in the daily life of the earth.

Many mysteries of the earth, atmosphere and weather become accessible through this knowledge and the apparatus based on its application. Beginning at dawn, the planet earth exhales the chemical ether into the atmosphere, the latter being, as we have seen in our preliminary tabulation, the normal sphere of activity of the light ether. All the sensory testimony of the dawn, sunrise and immediately post-sunrise period confirm the exhalation process. A cardinal one: water vapor arising from the surface of lakes and rivers.

This exhalation process continues until the noon period, by which time the exhaled chemical ether extends up into the heights of the light ether sphere. Barometric pressure reaches an obvious minimum. The earth organism, like anything living, then inhales the chemical ether back into itself, completing the inhalation process just before sunrise.

The moisture-producing, fluid-influencing chemical ether is responsible for such seemingly disparate phenomena as morning and evening fogs and mist, fluctuations in soil humidity, barometric pressure changes, increases and diminutions of potential gradient, and the rising and falling of plant sap.

All these happenings, and many others, are not isolated, discrete phenomena. Man has made them so. In truth, these phenomena are functionally unified by virtue of being produced by the macro telluric breathing process. Those who think today in terms of “anti-gravity” — a term that exemplifies man’s brain-bound, point-based consciousness — may see plant sap rise and fall daily in billions of plants. Relating this enormous lift to a force capable of lifting a spaceship should not be beyond the capacity of even a modest mentality.

Most of the riddles of atmospheric physics can be understood through the earth-breathing process, and the role played in this process by the chemical ether. Dr. Wachsmuth summarizes these electrostatic, fluidic, barometric, thermic and biological factors on pages 45-56 of his book, written in 1932. In the interim, virtually all of this has been made empirically accessible through the discoveries of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Dr. Wachsmuth’s book should be studied today with this revolutionary fact in mind.

Dr. Reich discovered the chemical ether as a physical force in 1939-40. He called this force orgone energy, but etherian physicists will find in Reich’s empirically-established properties of orgone energy the traditional properties of chemical ether. The blue color, the affinity for the fluid state of matter and the ability to produce thermic, barometric, electrostatic and biological effects are all there. What Dr. Wachsmuth has written has therefore long since come down to the empirical level, and the scientist who does not today understand at least some of these functions is simply out of date. A new generation of young physicists, strong enough to break with the Old Knowledge, will explore these things fully in the next few decades.

The mechanistic notion that the earth is a dead ball of matter has paralyzed creative thought in official science for generations. The earth is a living organism. Breathing processes are carried out diurnally, as a terrestrial, organic function, only partly dependent upon cosmic intervention. The endless cycle of fixity and chaoticization is what gives rise to, and also sustains, the life processes of the planet.

The side of the earth remote from the sun naturally contracts and the four etheric spheres tend to stratify. Striving toward the sun, living organisms from the plant kingdom upward to man contribute to a mighty etheric torque that literally turns the dark side of the earth back toward the sun. Under the sun’s influence, the etheric spheres that became stratified during the night are once again brought to chaos. This is a crude sketch of the etheric formative forces and their diverse roles in living organisms, including the planet Earth itself, and the basic source of the earth’s rotation.

The earth may thus be seen rotating behind an etheric envelope that moves around the earth slightly faster than the earth itself. Dr. Wilhelm Reich, in his discovery of the atmospheric orgone energy, independently determined the presence of this basic west-to-east movement. He called it the orgone envelope of the earth. In his time, he was called mad and paranoid, but not long after his death cameras aboard the satellites were photographing the envelope, while mystified scientists speculated on what it was.

Reich likened the earth, in its spinning progress through the heavens, to a ball being spun by a stream of water moving faster than itself. From this perceptive description — originating wholly in his own needle-sharp observational powers and unconnected with any esoteric sources — Dr. Reich opened the pathway to weather control as a reality of this age. This work is now far along toward providing and perpetuating a life-giving environment, but everything that is done to press it forward is at the risk of the life and liberty of the pioneers. America is a hostile environment for such work, not innately, but for reasons that will become all too clear in the next few chapters.

The etheric earth is the driving power, and induces the earth’s rotation. Out of the etheric formative forces and their workings on matter come the colors and forms of all living creatures. From the highest to the lowest, all are ruled by these forces. The ethers and the formative forces give rise to the grand design of nature. Artists are the only general class of humans to have at least partial access to this grand panorama. The full perception and understanding of these forces require the use of untapped, unutilized and latent powers of the human mind.

The scientist of the future will perceive, understand and work with all of it, just as Steiner indicated. Living processes will be paramount. On this account, it should be no surprise that the basic technical breakthrough into this realm came from a scientist who was a biologist in the highest and best sense — Dr. Wilhelm Reich. He found the pathway from psychology to biology, and in the process made the study of the etheric formative forces possible empirically — the anchorage for the new kind of thinking that is upon mankind.

The scientist of the future will not direct his energies to determining what a rose is, or of what a rose consists. Rather will his labors be invested in determining how the rose arises. The question of the future is not “What is a rose?” but “How does a rose come about?” Man is about to ask, at long last, how a rose achieves its particular form and color. The scientist of the future will “read” the expression of the formative forces in all living things — as a determined handful of them do today. The challenge of etherian physics is immense and thrilling.

Ufology will undoubtedly be a key aspect of tomorrow’s sciences, since it is a bioenergetic wellspring from which much New Knowledge will flow. UFO investigators of our own time cannot pass beyond the bewildering, enigma-ridden periphery of their subject because they have not thus far tackled etherian physics. Most evidence of UFO presence gathered to date can be interpreted accurately only with an understanding of etherian physics. Here lies the key to spaceship technology and to the new communications — the means by which man will enter into commerce with other-world entities.

Gifted people have already penetrated far deeper into some of these mysteries than most people interested in UFOs even suspect. The reward of these bold ones has been uniformly depressing: branding as charlatans, crackpots and quacks. Dr. Steiner’s work — the miniscule portion of it described herein — helps us to understand and accept on new ground the work of these innovators.

The loneliness of the gifted individuals who left the beaten path and went off on their own across new frontiers has been appalling. Later generations will appreciate their sacrifices. In the new realms they penetrated — usually unbeknown to them — lurk the subhuman, nonhuman and the superhuman intelligences that now reach into and play upon human evolution with ever-increasing force and purpose. We will show that man will need more to survive this challenge than the fraud and flummery of contemporary scientism.


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