How Radionics Works

radionics machine radionics boxThere are different types of radionic devices, but in essence they present basic similarities. A “machine” Radionics is an electrical or electronic circuit that serves both to capture information and to deliver information. It could not entirely be conceived following the usual pattern of electrical circuits and maybe can not make sense from some of the points of view of an electronics expert. Devices generally consist of a plate or container where you place, for example, a sample from a person (photo, some hair, blood sample, saliva sample, etc.) and a written statement in order to collect information. For example: “Current Status of George Smith in relation to their ability to speak in public and transmit information in the best way possible.” In the other container or plate, you place another paper with the desired state: “George Smith can speak perfectly in public, in an interesting, relaxed and communicative way and transmitting all types of information” It is clear that in our example, George has a problem to solve in this regard or simply wants to improve in the best way possible his ability to speak in public. The intention of the operator, embodied in a written piece of paper and placed on the “Trend” plate is transmitted “vibrationally” to the sample (placed on the “Target plate) and thus to the person, like if it were a radio transmitter, but with no distance limitations. From this moment it appears as if the universe began to conspire in order to improve George’s communication skills. His interest in public speaking correctly will increase exponentially. Is very likely that George will find out relevant information to his particular case and can incorporate this adionics machine radionics boxinformation in his own way to express himself, perhaps by meeting “by chance” to people who can help him in a special way to accelerate its improvement as a speaker. George may also feel much calmer automatically when speaking in public without knowing exactly why. Perhaps he becomes more imaginative in communicating. He may talk more naturally, with more enthusiasm, improving his diction or the quality of his voice. Perhaps he develops greater empathy and warmth towards the public that listens to him or suddenly he is able to articulate a warm speech with humorous notes or highlighting key points best suited to capture the interest of those who hear him.