Thoughts on the phenomenon of “Quantum Interference”

( A phenomenon some “Experts” Call Paranormal)

Quantum entanglement (also called quantum embrace) is a paradoxical phenomenon for classical physics.

Suppose that two particles, or some groups of particles, are created together and interact closely with each other (joining their wavefunctions). Then a paradoxically close and permanent relationship is created between them which we call “quantum entanglement”.This phenomenon consists in the fact that, no matter how distant from each other, if information is uploaded to one, it is almost instantly transferred to the other. Scientists described this phenomenon many years ago to occur between two photons. These two “photons” due to their peculiar new relationship some had named them for reasons of easy memorization, “Photons in love”

This phenomenon leads us to two possible conclusions:

  1. That, under certain conditions, information can travel in space with infinite speed. That is, the speed of light is not the “highest” observed in the Universe.
  2. In fact, we are no longer dealing with two independent and distant particles, but with one and only one whose properties modern physics continues to study. It is interesting to note that quantum entanglement is not a theoretical construct but an experimental phenomenon and is observed not only in the microcosm, but also on larger physical scales. An extension of quantum entanglement, on the condition that the Big Bang occurred, is that everything, once created together, is still connected, or constitutes, in a general sense, a unity. Thus, space appears as a construction that gives the illusion that there are separate events within it. In this sense, quantum entanglement leads to the collapse of human experience of what space is.

Quantum Interference and Time

To date, most experiments have successfully tested interpolation at spatial distances.

But what if the entanglement also happens over time? Is there such a thing as temporal non-locality ?

The answer, as it turns out, is yes.A group of physicists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, that they had successfully intertwined, photons, that never coexisted

** Entanglement Swapping between Photons that have Never Coexisted

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Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 210403 – Published 22 May 2013 .110.210403

** Interpretation of the phenomenon (????) how information is transferred to the past

But how is it possible for quantum entanglement to work in time if, for classical Physics, the two events are one past and the other future? That is, the two events, if we accept the present content of the concepts of the Past and the Future, had not been related in the past? Is the concept of time different from what we believe?