A Short Treatise on Alpha, Beta, Gamma Ray Therapy



Science acknowledges that bombardment of matter by swift moving alpha particles has proven a powerful method of studying artificial transformation of the nucleii of a number of the ordinary elements. Evidence is also accumulating that by this method we are able to cause a disintegration of a nucleus of greater mass by capture of the colliding alpha particle.

The above law applied to therapy and other scientific investigation is not beyond possibility. Through the treatment of the cells of the human body artificial transformation or disintegration may take place. The disintegration of fungi and cells gone wild in the body is of value in therapy. Nature can then rebuild with new, healthy tissue and cells. That is what is attempted in Radium and X-Ray therapy and would be accomplished if it were not for the destructive effects of radium and X-ray to living cells. By proper screening and applications of proper amounts of the fast moving alpha rays as also gamma rays and treatment by beta rays (which are electrical in nature) one can obtain beneficial effects in many cases. Valuable results can be had in therapy on living cells if there is no destruction of cells or tissue in trying to effect a cure.

Because the fundamental radioactive process does not originate in the electronic structure of the surface of the atom, but in the center of the atom, deep therapy is possible over a long period of time with the Moray Cosray applicators.

It is an accepted fact that the length of day and night is a very important factor in the growth and development of most plants. The more sensitive plants normally attain their flowering and fruiting stages only when the length of day falls within certain limits. Some tespond to a long day while others respond to a short day. That is why we have early and late maturing species depending on the length of day to which they are exposed. Animal cells react also to light rays and to rays beyond the light rays. In this fact we have the basis for light and ray therapy in the treatment of human tissue and cells, the biological effects from radiations to both animal and vegetable cells. There are also effects from radiations on mineral matter. Radiations effect pigments, bacteria, fungi and enzymes. Radiations induce chromosonial aberrations in animals. One will find a real field for therapy advancement in the study of radiation absorptions of tissues and the study of mutations in animal matter. Modern living away from natural radiations, because one is indoors so much of the time away from natural radiations, necessitates artificially supplying various rays. In ray therapy, the problem is generally that of treating diseased tissue below the skin. There are two important problems: First, how to effect relief without injury to the skin, healthy cells and intervening tissue. Second, how to measure correctly the depth dose delivered to the diseased tissue.

With the Moray Cosray ray applicator one may disregard the second problem because that problem does not exist with these applicators. The first problem is a question of time as the rays from these applicators will penetrate through the human body (proven by Geiger Muller Counter tests). These applicators’ rays will also penetrate -inch thickness of lead. The above is given to show the penetrating power of the rays from these applicators, and yet they will not injure healthy tissues because of the internal phantom characteristics built into these applicators as a patented feature, and the nature of the active material used. The value in therapy of Alpha, Beta and especially Gamma rays in the treatment of epithelial cells and malignancy is too well known to take the time and space here to go into the subject. However, their destructive qualities have been their great drawback, destroying the healthy surrounding tissue while treatment is being made of the ailing cells and tissue. No special shielding protection is necessary with the Moray Cosray applicators. These applicators may be had in any shape and size to best conform to the application to which they are to be put.

Too little attention has been paid to the therapeutic value of beta rays. In most cases great care has been used to filter these out. The Moray method, by proper application, makes use in some cases of these beta rays to the value of the tissue under treatment.

In all forms of gamma ray therapy doses are expressed in Roentgens or “R”. In other words, the quantity of gamma radiations received in one hour at a distance of one cm. from a source containing 1 milligram of radium in a 0.5 mm. platinum envelope may be regarded as approximately eight roentgens, or eight “R”s.

Such procedure means the application of such therapy requires the close supervision of an expert. With the Moray Cosray applicators no close supervision is necessary as these applicators are not so severe in their reaction, yet they have deep penetrating properties, as explained, and ray therapy value without the danger to the surrounding tissue.

It has been the purpose of this leaflet to explain in a non-technical way a little of the science of radioactive phenomena so that users and prospective users of Moray Cosray ray applicators (Cosray being a trade mark name) will have some idea of the rays these applicators give off.

In the disintegration of these applicators, alpha, beta and gamma rays are emitted. The alpha and beta emanaions are really charged particles, since they may be actuated by electric fields. Gamma rays, like heat, light and X-rays are electromagnetic waves. Alpha particles are positively charged helium atoms, but possess much greater energies than the ordinary positive particles. Beta particles are the same cathode particles or are electrons, but are much more active, having the highest velocities of any substance known.

The half-life of these Cosray applicators is about 1600 years, so one can see they will be of therapy value through several generations of mankind in the treatment of epithelial cells and malignancy where heretofore Radium and X-rays have been the recommended treatment.




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