Radiant Energy – The Evolution and Transmutation of the Atom


For Beyond the Light Rays Lies the Secret of the Universe

The Evolution and Transmutation of the Atom

Compiled for the Layman from Excerpts of the Writings of


The Words “Radiant Energy” and “Dr. Moray” have been synonymous for the past twenty years.


T. Henry Moray with Radiant Energy Receiver

The reader should bear in mind that most of the ideas as set forth in the following pages, as also later date, were first given to the world by Dr. Moray from 1911 to 1931, and therefore should be read with that thought in mind.

In the past we permitted ourselves to be put on the defensive in our attempts to prove our stand. This was a mistake, as TRUTH should never be put on the defensive. The system of instruction of the Far East rather than that of the Western World should be used in advancing new discoveries of truth. In the Far East the teacher does not stop to prove each theory or fact. The message is delivered whether his hearers agree with him or not. He does not care whether they all agree with him or not, for he feels sure those who are ready for the truth he teaches will recognize it, and for the others, if they are not prepared to receive the truth, no amount of argument will help matters. The Eastern teacher knows that much of his teaching is but the planting of seed which will grow and be recognized only after the lapse of time.

We do not mean that anyone should blindly accept everything presented to him, but history, repeating itself, does prove that mankind goes on from one generation to another blindly closing its mind to new lines of thought only because he does not or will not understand or grasp the situation and the laws involved. Just as those who should have known better rejected the telephone as impossible because, to quote, “It is impossible to transmit the human voice over a copper wire.” That was true when the telephone was discovered by Josia Coppersmith, it is true today and it will always be true. It is impossible to transmit the human voice over a copper wire. Yet in spite of that, the telephone does work. One might even go so far as to state there is no such thing as a human voice, yet man transmits his thoughts to one another by what we commonly refer to as “speech” and “hearing” in spite of the fact that man’s vocal chords are not transmitters of other than mechanical vibrations and all the so-called sound originates in the skull of the hearer and not in the vocal chords of the speaker.

As we asked the question over fifteen years ago, we repeat that question now: “Why should man waste his time and efforts in trying to split the atom when nature is doing it all the time for us out in space?” Why not use the energy offered us in place of worrying about why grass is green in the hope it will discover for us a new source of energy which has been sitting on our doorsteps since the World began?

The salt of the earth is energy and the evolution of matter and the evolution of forces in the process of the creation of all things. By the proper uses of these natural lav/s of energy and matter, matter is turned into energy. That is something we all agree can be done, but do we understand that man can by the proper use of these same laws take energy and reverse the process and change energy into matter.

It is not a question of finding new elements, but of being able to use energy and matter in whatever wave length one finds them and of changing them to any desired wave length or frequency by letting nature do our “atom splitting” for us. It is cheaper, faster, more sure, and the potential possibilities far exceed any puny efforts of man. I say puny, for, while man may discover new means of causing explosions and of creating explosives, he has not and cannot split the atom. It is merely a question of a change in form, no less matter and no less energy. We separate energy only to have it join elsewhere. If we can split the atom actually, we will have split the chain that holds the cycle of the Universe together and, like one drop of gasoline exploding all the other drops of gasoline near it, so will the chain of atoms, go right on splitting every other atom of the Universe, and that cannot be done any more than one can compress water.

In the laboratories of the Universe we find the uranium and radium series changing from uranium to radium, radium into radon and radium A, B, C, C’, D (radio lead), radium E, F, and finally into lead, and if we follow the process, lead into gold and so on. In the laboratory we have changed lead into gold and by reversing the process changed lead into polonium or radium F. If this step can be taken either way, is there any reason why further steps cannot be taken?

This is not a ease of splitting the atom, but merely of addition, multiplication, division and subtraction of the combinations of the atoms, but not the breaking into of the chain of the Universe. It is plain evolution of matter and evolution of forces and there is no need in highly overestimating the accomplishment under false interpretation of the facts.

As frequency or oscillations is the basis of the existence of all animal, vegetable and mineral matter, one could explode matter from any distance to which the proper oscillation could be transmitted. Our experiments have proven to our complete satisfaction that stores of ammunition on the land, in the air or on the sea can be thus destroyed.

Our experiments have also satisfied us that gravity is akin to, if not an electrical oscillation so well balanced that we might, for the lack of a better name, almost call it a “Wattless current” until some force is exerted to oppose its potential and then gravity opposes such force. This means gravity can be controlled and unlimited advancement made in air navigation, with the only concern left being air speed and momentum.



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