Are X-Rays Outclassed by Powerful New “Odic Ray”?

(Modern Mechanix, March 1922)


DISCOVERY of “odic rays” of high penetration produced simply by the electric current drawn from an ordinary light socket, and yet with the curative and medicinal value of X-rays, is claimed by Dr. Edgar L. Hollingshead, of Pasadena, Calif.

With simple, inexpensive apparatus he is reported to have passed rays through 11-1/2 inches of lead and 4-1/2 inches of steel, at such strength as to sear dental X-ray films encased in tinfoil.

Such an achievement appears impossible; yet X-rays seemed equally impossible when Rontgen first announced their discovery. Doctor Hollingshead’s claims are based on tests made in the presence of eyewitnesses who selected at random the films exposed to the rays, retained the duplicates, and developed the two simultaneously in the presence of an unprejudiced committee. After exposure, these films were found to be perceptibly darkened.

Doctor Hollingshead declares that the rays produced try his apparatus are of greater intensity and penetration than any previously known to science. The rate of vibration of the “odic rays” can be controlled by the operator, it is asserted. If these claims are substantiated, the value of the discovery to the world will be enormous. The medical profession will have an unlimited supply of curative rays. The X-ray diagnosis can be utilized by every doctor in the country, since the apparatus can readily be carried from house to house. The doctor has given a partial explanation of his ray.

He has found, he says, that electricity is not simply a force, but a substance. Amperage, he adds, is the substance part of electricity and voltage the speed. Like any other substance, electricity is composed of vibrating molecules, atoms, electrons, and other infinitesimal units, and the form that the substance takes is due to the rates of atomic speed.

The only differences between one ray of light and another are in wave lengths or vibration, speed of discharge, and polarity. Assuming that electricity is like water flowing through a pipe, and that its voltage is the speed with which it travels, he first intensifies its atomic speed, then he breaks it up, releasing a force or ray of great speed and power.



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